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We're romantics

We're romantics !

We love to see those inimitable sparks fly when a bride and groom exchange glances. And we want to celebrate that magic, with weddings that are nothing short of an art form.


It begins with you painting a picture of your dream wedding – complete with those customized trinkets, handpicked flowers, and made-to- order décor – then we craft it all to perfection, and bring it to life with a touch of magic. Right from a heavenly mantap, to a luxurious cocktail party, and even the indulgent honeymoon, we do it all for you; so that the only thing left for you to do is to celebrate every moment of your milestone, just like you should.

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Leave your vision with our team of able planners, and watch them conjure up a spell-binding occasion.

Their expertise, ideas and meticulous attention to detail make all the difference in turning your dream wedding into a reality. Just call us and we’ll be there to discuss your dream wedding with you. Tell us what you need and we’ll give it shape, so that you can relax. And just wait for the big day with a smile!


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